Build, Generate Traffic, Convert.

The beauty of choosing Haines Co is that we don’t just build a killer site and then leave you to it. We manage and optimise your site long term, so that tweaks, and enhancements can be made with ease. What’s more, with everything from your hosting and copy writing in house, you have one web guru, who you can rely on every step of the way.

We invest heavily into our team and tech and so, as a Kambel Partner, we can create bespoke membership platforms for your business, with a slick back-end that allows for customer portals for that added touch of innovation and professionalism. Paying attention to consumer pathways is so important, and that’s why we have ease of use in mind at every step of the journey. Our sites are impressively eye-catching, interactive, and easily navigated.

But it doesn’t end there. As a digital marketing agency, our pet peeve is sites with poor Google rankings and overall low traffic. That’s why we’re your one stop digital shop, that offers search engine optimisation and Google Ads to get your site hitting your target audience and converting sales, whilst ranking on the largest search engines.

Website Design, Development & Hosting

At Haines Co, we provide a one stop shop to get your website from wireframing all the way to being live on the web. Within this process we will take care of the tedious tasks such as hosting your website, retrieving the perfect domain, designing the interface and the most daunting task of all, developing your tailored website. By completing these tasks in-house, this dramatically decreases the cost of service as you will not need to pay extra for third party developers.

Judging by your business’s needs, we offer the option for either a site-building website or a custom built site from scratch using Webflow and it’s innovative visual coding workflow. These two options offer endless possibilities for any budget.

Search Engine Optimisation

With over 2 million searches on Google every minute, you have to question yourself; “is my website really getting the hits it deserves?

SEO is a vital component to your sales funnel if you want to generate an abundance of monthly visitors. Essentially, If you want to rank on page 1 of Google - you’re in the right place.

The best thing about implementation of our methods is that no ad spend is required for SEO, unlike that of our other conversion methods, such as Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads, and so whilst this carries with it the necessity of building in key functions over time and generating sales via organic traffic as a result, solid SEO provides your website with longevity and considerably higher chances of conversion for your prospective customers.

PPC | Google Ads

When it comes to pay per click (PPC) campaigns, we’ve positioned ourselves as quite the innovators! Attaining click-through rates for our clients as high as 75%-100%, it’s no wonder why we’re a trusted Google Partner.

The vital ingredient is testing, and so, we’ll look to craft 150  (yup, we’re serious...150!) ad sets for each campaign we run for you, so that you can enjoy the wonders of split testing, as we build on our analytics and optimise for those best performing keywords.

The combination of precision targeting and intent-based marketing allows our clients to hit the top page of Google instanrtly, as engaged shoppers search for your niche within their area and come across our expertly written copy and enticing headlines.


“We are that confident in our services that we personally guarantee a minimum of 30 leads per month from the launch of our lead generation campaign, or your money back.”

- Lloyd Haines

CEO & Founder