Our Promise

We’ll create your own personal brand at scale. Wait, you don’t have one? Hmm...this means that there is no face behind the brand and you are relying solely on the product to sell, despite the very fact that people buy from people. Social is social for this very reason, yet so many people overlook this and throw money into the machine only to see it get crushed - sound familiar? Even our competitors are to blame.

The reason we do this is that, as humans with empathy, we want to relate to every business possible, and we can’t do that without seeing a person at the forefront. Consumers find it hard to relate to a brand as just a logo, they need a spokesperson. Through creating real and authentic content, and pushing this out on a very regular basis, we will create a warm lead with prospective clients. Without doing this first, it would be a blindfolded approach with very little ROI, which may have been the case so far...

We’ll run, monitor, manage, and optimise your ads round-the-clock like a nocturnal hamster on a wheel, utilising our robust methodologies, which include a funnel system to provide brand awareness and value-driven content prior to point of sale.

Paid Social Ads

In line with our pre-agreed plan, we monitor, manage and optimise your campaigns to drive a low cost per action, whilst building custom audiences, through split testing on Facebook and Instagram, that retarget those consumers highly invested in your brand.

Always optimising campaigns that don’t just generate impressions, but convert, our team ensures solid funnel building, audience profiling and social strategy. Leave the content and the copywriting to us, and simply watch the numbers roll in - result!

Did we mention we are yet to provide less than a X2 ROI for our clients?

Account Management & Social Proofing

In addition to our paid ads, and so that a uniform approach is adopted across all your social assets, we social post for you, in order to deliver engaging content, which builds brand and provides a cohesive feed for your prospective page likes and followers.

Naturally, as our paid traffic increases, so will your organic reach from our strategic posting, which takes into account your brand ethos, tone and style throughout, whilst utilising our graphics and branding team to create strong feed and story posts.

You wouldn’t buy a new motor from BMW if their official page only had 50 likes, right? Call it a millennial mindset, but this matters to your prospective consumers. That’s why we guarantee at least 1,000 new, targeted page likes within the first month of working with us.

Instagram Growth Bot

Our AI-Optimization bot uses the full power of machine learning to automatically improve your account's results with every execution.

Through thorough competitor and like-account analysis, we will compile a list of users with you that the bot will target the followers of. Your account will automatically like, follow and even comment on user posts relative to your niche, with reference to locations and hashtags too.

Our software learns from your account’s past actions, conversions and existing followers to optimise your future activity automatically,  target with precision, and stay within your requirements.

In turn, slick and engaging account management will ensure that those targeted users will follow back and engage with your brand thereafter to attain as high as 500+ new followers per week!

Chat Bots

We work on the premise that if you don’t automate, you get left behind. Recent trends in the marketing landscape this millennium infer of an ominous downfall for companies that are not yet automating their business operations. Your marketing should be no different.

We utilise messenger marketing as we see its rise as a modern-day technique to customer outreach, and an equally seamless call to action for them to take. By populating your Facebook Messenger chat bot with new subscribers, broadcasts will land themselves in the inbox of thousands of top fans seamlessly.

Oh, did we mention that we hit open rates of up to 98% and click through rates of up to 54%? These metrics were simply unobtainable ten years ago, yet most business owners simply aren’t keeping up! That’s why it’s a standard service provided to our clients, regardless of size, with some clients attaining as many as 5,000 subscribers.

Here, we can collect emails and numbers from your most invested customers, with automated add-ins to your Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) that we build for you, thus optimising and systemising direct marketing to your client-base and enhancing that all-important community feel within your business and niche, whilst keeping your brand ethos at the forefront of our work at all times.

Lead Generation

The most important piece of the puzzle is one that is too often left in the box, never to be seen again, by other 
agencies - not us.

Here at Haines Co., we follow the rule of ‘7 points of contact,’ which means that we look to provide prospective custom, whom we specifically target, with an abundance of story, knowledge, and trust, in six steps, before shooting for the sale on the seventh.

This is delivered via three brand awareness campaigns, three value-driven campaigns, and then a final lead generation form or conversion ad. The brand awareness campaign will give you, personally, and your brand great exposure. Our thought is a ‘Our Story’ style video, which gives the viewers an insight into who you are as a brand, entrepreneur and content creator; a story of your business journey essentially. This type of content will make you relatable, creating a warm lead prior to putting them into the ‘funnel.' We would optimize this for engagement.


“We are that confident in our services that we personally guarantee a minimum of 30 leads per month from the launch of our lead generation campaign, or your money back.”

- Lloyd Haines

CEO & Founder