Time For A New Look?

We love authentic imagery and video, but every business needs design to stand out from the crowd, delivered by an agency with strategic vision & creative prowess. To distinguish our clients from their competitors, a solid marketing plan includes brand strategy and guidelines, logo design, and social posts.

Prudent to brand excellence is, of course, creating an identity, but being remembered is a whole other ball game, and one which we dabble and dribble with ease...

Your brand is often the first thing that prospective clients and customers of yours will see. It needs to be strong enough to capture their interest from the off, whilst staying true to your company’s ethos and values.

A degree of trust, loyalty and familiarity can be manifested through purposeful and engaging content.

Our competitors will often focus too heavily on making their branded content aesthetically pleasing, leaving communication with your target audience to fall by the wayside...

Get yourself an agency that can do both.

Market Research

We work with you extensively to identify your target audience, soon followed by our team undertaking dynamic market research. By doing this, we develop a logical, coherent road map that will guide our decision making to develop your brand’s visual identity and content.

As a business owner, you’ll know all too well the importance of research and development, or ‘R&D,’ and this process is no different. A vital component of our onboarding process is learning who you are and what you stand for.

Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Transferring brand values into a visual identity that not only appeals to the target market, but engages with them. We produce a brand strategy and visual identity that connects you to your audience seamlessly.

Part of this process is creation of your brand logo, which stands strong as the emblem of your brand, whilst instilling trust, familiarity and professionalism...and it’s got to look awesome, right!?

There’s nothing more rewarding for us as an agency than marketing a client from the ground up, with a design revamp and logo creation, that grows into a renowned business over our years working in collaboration.

Brand Guidelines

To craft a powerful brand voice that resonates with the target market, keeping your niche and strategy in mind, we will draft your brand guidelines that communicate your company's design standards to your whole group.

This is delivered as a PDF, which includes:

Fonts – including the look and sizes of headers and body text
Logos – including the right colours, the right sizes, the right alternative logos etc.
Colour Palettes – what specific colours should be used in online and print material
Approved Images
Tone of voice and stylistic guidelines

By including the “do’s and dont’s” for design, this is a timeless piece that can be relied on as a tool for future designers to use in order to project a uniformed approach across all platforms.

Tangible Assets

Utilising our findings from the brand strategy & guidelines phase, we will mock up and then produce tangible assets that can be used in your company’s operations. This will comprise of a tailor-made package, which can include letter headers and footers, to business cards and pens, to policies and procedures, e-guides and more.

So, whether you need a flyer to your next event, sun strips for your work van, or uniform with your new logo, we’ve got your back!


“We are that confident in our services that we personally guarantee a minimum of 30 leads per month from the launch of our lead generation campaign, or your money back.”

- Lloyd Haines

CEO & Founder